Bexar Naked Playwrights

Mike Greenberg

Mike Greenberg is an independent critic and photographer
living in San Antonio, Texas. He is the author of The Poetics
of Cities (Ohio State University Press, 1995), which argues that
the purpose of cities is to foster the exchange of ideas, money,
goods and beliefs; that such exchange is the foundation of
value creation; and that urban form in the small and in the
large affects the propensity for exchange to occur. He was a
Knight Fellow at Stanford University in 1986-87.  He also served
as managing editor of Chicago Magazine and was a critic
and columnist for a daily newspaper for 28 years.

Mike's offering for the 2013 Playwrites Playfest (Black Box-er Shorts) is “Max and Maggie”. This deliciously dark, funny, and romantic piece is directed by Aaron Aguilar. In it, three people (Evans Jarnefeldt, Anthony Ross and Hannah Brogdon) in blood-spattered clothes are waiting; eventually they are joined by a fourth (Lisa Valle).