Bexar Naked Playwrights

About Us

We are a group of professional playwrights in San Antonio (Bexar County), Texas who exist to support and assist one another in the development of storycraft as it appears on-stage in live theater productions. We have monthly salons where we have volunteer actors perform cold-reads of our in-progress works and glean feedback from both our fellow playwrights and the actors themselves. In additional to individual works we put on an annual PlayFest comprised of ten-minute short plays based on a central theme and containing specific elements.
Outside the bookends of the PlayFest, The Bexar Naked Playwrights are a source of personal encouragement and professional identity for everyone in the collective.  Writers need to do their own writing, and that takes precious time in solitude, but since it seems playwrights do better when they associate with other playwrights, the following might primarily define us through our activities:

-       Monthly Salons (2nd Sunday of the month)

- Writing partners among the group

- Sharing of writing skills, critiques, nuances, opportunities.

- Possible group excursions to see plays together (here and outside San Antonio)

- Continue the gathering for talk-back after the second matinee performance of each play performed.

- Active participation in the Yahoo family group discussions.

- Entries into national playwriting contests so that there will be a mighty artistic ripple of voices being heard nationally. Those voices will be coming from our group.

- Outside Speakers might/could come to visit and share with us how to become better and more comfortable at our craft/art.

- Eventual programs of mentoring emerging playwrights.

- Finally, a sense of community and gratitude that we have a source of artistic and creative encouragement for our writing, which is what we do:  We write.